Pet Stain Removal Service Alameda County

Best Rug Pet Stain and Odor Removal.

You love your pets to the utmost. They are with you through thick and  thin, brightening up your day in the darkest moments. But as fun as  they are to be with, you cannot ignore the mess they create.  With pets  in your home, it can be difficult to keep it clean and smelling good.

ts often urinate on rugs, which causes stains to appear on the area,  but that is not the only problem. The rugs start to smell bad. One more  issue; pet excreta are contaminated and can endanger your health. As  such, whenever there is an accident, it will become difficult to deal  with it.

While you may be able to do this, what about accidents that took place  in the past? You cannot deal with them on your own, can you? But we can.

We offer a rug pet stain and odor removal service, which will identify  all accidents that ever took place on your rug. Accordingly, you rug is  treated, the stains are removed and the odor is eliminated.

Why should you avail a rug pet stain and odor removal service?

Pet accidents must be properly treated. If this is not done, the odor  will spread in your entire home and expose you to risks. Moreover, pet  excreta form stains on the site, which spoils the appearance. These  stains penetrate deep down into the fiber, contaminating your carpet as  well as the floor below it.

For this, you will require a proper rug from Pet Stain Removal Service Alameda County.
You may think about delaying treatment, but that is not a grater idea.  The longer your rug will remain untreated, the deeper the odor will  permeate. In some cases, it can even reach the walls and foundation of  your house.   A regular cleaning process is not a solution and will not  provide you with effective results.

What is involved in a pet rug pet stain and odor removal?

We can help you get rid of both the stains and odor completely. Many  other services only mask the odor, but we remove it properly. Here are  the main steps.


  • We will inspect your rug and determine all sites are covered with urine stains.
  • We will not down the extent of damage, and accordingly come up with a proper plan.
  • We will rinse your rug with our special cleaning solution,which will act deep down in the fibers,removing the stains.
  • After this, we will disinfect your rug with suitable chemicals.
  • If required, we may disinfect your padding and flooring as well.
  • In the end, we will treat your rug with our deodorizing process, which will leave it smelling fresh and clean.