Antique Rug Cleaning In Alameda County

Antique Rug Cleaning Services in Berkeley CA

Someone with experience who recognizes the value of antique rugs should  perform the service. Every antique rug requires specific attention prior  to being cleaned. Nothing works better when cleaning hand-made rugs  than soap and water.
Antique rugs are valuable investments. When cared for properly, you can  enjoy them for years. Never attempt to steam clean a hand-made rug with a  rented machine. It will cause harm to the rug and cause it to  deteriorate in a few years. Have a professional Antique Rug Cleaning in Alameda County CA that soaks the rug in water and soap and proceeds to thoroughly rinse out the soap.  

Other Precautions

Do not place potted plants on antique rugs. Even planters with water basins can allow water to infiltrate the rug. Irreversible mildew damage can result.

Rugs that were accidently flooded need immediate attention. Smaller rugs can be hung on an outdoor railing or spread on a lawn to be dried by sunlight. Large rugs should be vacuumed with a water vacuum then dried with a hair dryer or space heater. It is advised to have the rug washed and dried professionally with a few days of the occurrence.

Removing Spills

Many older rugs are made with lanolin-rich wool that has a stain  repellent property. If something is spilled on a wool rug, often it can  be blotted before stains occur. A moist, clean cloth used to blot from  the edges to the center may be all that is needed.

If soap is necessary, hair shampoo can be used. Wool and human hair have  similar protein makeup. Red wine may require an unscented mild soap or  one to two teaspoons of white vinegar diluted, in a quart of water, to  remove. Do not use apple cider vinegar.

Scrubbing will embed stains into fibers. Use a box or stool to elevate  the area that is damp. Air dry, using a fan, for 24 to 48 hours. This  process dries the rug as quickly as possible. The pile and foundation  need to be dry. Carpets that sit damp for a long time are in danger of  foundation rot. Using other home remedies can cause irreversible  discoloration. Chemicals are never to be used. If blotting or the  solutions suggested here do not remove a spill or stain, call a  professional.