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Here are experts for the care and treatment of prized Oriental Rug Repair in San Jose. Preventative maintenance can save thousands of dollars in cleaning bills and improve the lifespan and color of the rugs. You can keep the precious rugs as family heirlooms. The value and beauty of a cherished Oriental Rug Cleaning can be detrimentally affected. Thorough, regular cleaning keeps the rug in the best possible shape. We suggest you let professionals handle these precious possessions for you. They use cleaning techniques that protect the integrity of the rug and restore the original feel and look.

As time passes, dirt will accumulate in your rug and you must avail a professional Wool Rug Cleaning Service to get it cleaned. So you are planning to get a woolen rug for your home. Indeed, this is a great investment as long as you preserve the value of your rug and maintain its beauty. How do you do this? By re

Special Circumstances

Having  pets or living in an area that has high humidity can cause  problems  with mildew, mold, mite and insect infestation, and animal  excretions  and odors. The value and beauty of a cherished Oriental rug  can be  detrimentally affected.

There  i no cure-all treatment for these problems. Professionals know  the  specialized treatment needed for each particular problem.
Oriental rugs are an excellent addition to any room. They receive a lot   of wear and tear. Keeping them clean is important. Professionals will   provide the attention to detail and care that brings a rug back to its   original beauty.

Specialists  are trained to clean Oriental rugs properly. Specialized  equipment and  tools can handle synthetic, silk, cotton, wool, or many  other fibers.  The gentle cleaning and drying process preserves dye in  the rug fibers.  It makes colors look beautiful and new. Oriental Rug Repair Expert in Oakland uses cleaning products that remove dirt-attracting residue, so rugs stay clean for a long time.

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The Process

The  process begins with a pre-inspection. Experienced technicians  inspect  the front and back surface. That inspection ensures that no  blemishes  or defects are overlooked. You are informed of your rug’s  condition  after the inspection.

Dust  must be removed properly and periodically to avoid damage. Ordinary home vacuums do not reach deep enough into rug fibers to remove all particulates. When particulates accumulate, the rug appears old and worn. just Search for Rug cleaning Oriental Rug Cleaning San Francisco, Oriental Rug Cleaning Berkeley CA