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Do  you have a silk rug in your home? These are a great piece of art,  and  instantly beautify any room where they are laid. You will always  want  your rug to maintain its attractive appearance, right? Well, this  can  only be when you avail the services of a professional silk rug  cleaning  company on a regular basis.  Indeed, you can try to do this at  home  but other than regular sweeping and vacuuming, we highly advise you  not  to do anything else.

Silk  rugs are valuable, which is why they can only be effectively  cleaned  when you have complete knowledge of the rug’s origin, the  quality of  the material, the dyes used, and the age of the rug.  Generally, what  most homeowners do is clean their silk rug with some  foam and sponge.  This damages the fiber of your rug and shortens it  light.
So instead of home cleaning, you should send your rug over to us and we will take care of the rest.

You will always want your rug to maintain its attractive appearance, right? Well, this can only be when you avail the services of a professional Silk Rug Cleaning Company in Berkeley CA on a regular basis.

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Common issues with silk rug cleaning

There are two main issues with cleaning silk rugs. If the age of your  rug is old, it will probably be dried up since it has not been washed  enough or not washed properly. In this case, the fibers are hardened and  cleaning becomes difficult. The second problem is seen with silk rugs  that are of a slightly poor quality. These rugs have been dyed with  colors that fade when they come in contact with water.  Quality silk rugs such as the ones originating from Persia and China  usually exhibit high quality and are made with natural silk. With these  rugs, color fading is not an issue, but in all other cases, the rugs are  made from cotton, which is made similar to silk and there is always a  risk of color fading if not washed properly. Turkish rugs do not feature low quality dyes, but must still be cleaned properly so that they do not crack as they dry.

The Cleaning Process

Since silk rug cleaning has a great many issues associated with it,  which we have already described above, care must be taken to ensure that  the rug is not spoiled in any way. Before we subject your rug to any of  our processes, we conduct a thorough inspection and determine the  quality, fiber, and stains that are present on the rug. We also study  the color, and accordingly choose a suitable cleaning method.  We use soft water to clean your rug so that the fibers are not hardened  in any way. If the fibers are already hard, we first soften them with  quality products and then begin the cleaning process. Generally, we  focus our attention on the stains and remove these first. After that we  subject your rug to a suitable cleaning method. In the end, we give your  rug a protective coating so that it offers a resistance to stains. Send your silk rug to us now and make it look as good as new once more.